Hatami and Associates International Law Firm (previously known as Misagh International Law Office) launched its activities in 1997 under the supervision and management of Dr. Ali Hatami as its founder and senior partner.
Throughout its entire history, the Firm has been highly honored for providing satisfactory and cost effective legal services to all its local and foreign clients.
Hatami and Associates is a full service business law firm. As a well experienced legal team with a strong background in several hundreds of significant cases in a variety of fields such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Banking and Finance, Investment Management, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Insurance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Environment, Corporate Compliance, Intellectual Property, Transportation, etc., Hatami and Associates is able to render its clients the high quality legal consulting services, among other services which include contract management (negotiating, drafting and reviewing) and claim management (dispute avoidance and resolution in its different forms).
To ensure our clients' benefits and achieve their ultimate satisfaction
We are ready to advise you how to expand your business with respect to the general surrounding circumstances and the specifications of your business.
Taking into particular consideration all the legal requirements and consequences of going through a project, whether in main land, free trade zones, or special economic zones, and requirements for risk assessment and analysis, we are prepared to help you run your business in the best possible form, minimizing the risks and maximizing profits and advantages of your business. In brief, our legal services in this respect can cover your projects from A to Z.
To be the leading international law firm in Iran in our services
As a pioneering international law firm in Iran, we have been honored to work with the most reputable multinational and national enterprises. Our Clients trust us because:
  • Hatami Lawfirm We see the problems and design a practical solution in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Hatami Lawfirm We work collectively as a team in a spirit of collaboration to leverage the experience and individual strengths of our attorneys towards a more deliberate and fruitful management of the interests of our clients; our team is committed to provide real practical solutions, not just what is required by law.
  • Hatami Lawfirm W5 stands for the five characteristics of our teamwork: Well-educated, Well-experienced, Well-integrated, Well-prepared, and Well-presented
  • Hatami Lawfirm Our Experience is our Capital. We invest this priceless capital on our clients in order to regain more of it.
  • Hatami Lawfirm We bring together qualified lawyers with in-depth knowledge and experience in different fields of international trade law.
  • Hatami Lawfirm We conduct a timely analysis of different aspects of each case through collective wisdom.
  • Hatami Lawfirm We respect integrity, honesty and excellence and consider ourselves responsible toward our clients.
Our Lawyers will stand by your side every step of the way, answering questions, giving advice, and guiding you through various situations.